World renown street artist Banksy has been keeping busy recently.
Last night 3 of his controversial pieces was found located in Poplar, London.

The 1 image portrays what seems to be 2 ostriches, with one ostriches’ neck reaching up to the security camera as his head.

The 2nd image shows a smily face using the building’s vent holes and the quote “You Don’t Need Planning Permission To Build Castles In The Sky” as a smile.

The 3rd image is a building sign with the words “Sorry! The Lifestyle You Ordered Is Currently Out of Stock”

2 days ago in Liverpool, England Banksy “Love Plane” image emerged, depicting a plane neatly stenciled plane followed by a imbalance heart trail.

As more work emerge along The National Gallery in Central London, Where will he strike next?

Images from:freshgoodness


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