These Asian Men Will Show Other Asian Guys That It’s Possible To Date Outside Your Ethnicity!

You ever walk down the street, see an Asian man holding hands with a caucasian woman, then think to yourself, “Props bro!” then proceed to ponder “How did he do it? What’s he got that I don’t?” Has this ever happened to you?

If you answered YES, you are an Asian guy.

If you answered NO, you are a female or non-Asian male.

It’s 2018 and some Asian guys are still putting non-Asian females, specifically white females, on a pedestal. It’s as if they are this special unattainable unicorn that is beyond our reach. (Some of you have probably been there).

We will definitely demystify why Asian guys think like this in a future post. For now, check out these Asian entertainers and entrepreneurs below who might change your perspective on what’s possible.

Bart Kwan & Geo Antoinette Kwan


Bart Kwan is famous for being the co-founder, writer, director, and actor for the popular YouTube channel JustKiddingFilms. The channel has videos that focuses on social, contemporary, and cultural issues with a comedic edge.

He and his partner Joe founded JustKidding Films while attending the University of California, Los Angeles.

Bart married in 2015 to Geo Antoinette which is Mexican. Geo is the producer behind JustKidding Films and their other brands. They have a baby named Taika Kwan.

Youtube Channel

Joe Jitsukawa & Jessica Caldwell

joe jkfilmsJoe is Bart’s co-founder and is also the writer, director, and actor for the JustKiddingFilms channel. Joe recently revealed that his ethnicity is Japanese and his last name is Jitsukawa. He also has his own personal YouTube channel featuring life vlogs, cooking videos and rants that has more than 460,000 subscribers.

Joe’s girlfriend is Jessica Michelle, which is Caucasian, and is also a part of the JustKiddingFilms family when she started dating Joe in 2015.  They live together in Los Angeles.

Youtube Channel

Casey Chan & Tiffany Del Real

case tiff jkfilms

Casey Chan was born in Dallas, Texas and currently resides in Los Angeles. He is a director, writer, and producer whose work includes many viral music videos and sketch comedy skits on YouTube.

He attended film school at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida before moving out to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in film. He briefly interned for Michael Bay’s commercial production company, The Institute, before directing YouTube videos.

Chan now works closely with the Just Kidding Films family and occasional other YouTube stars and music artists.

He got engaged to Tiffany Del Real in 2016 and they married in 2017. Tiffany is a Mexican-American internet personality from San Francisco, California, USA. She is most known for being the host on JustKiddingNews, a YouTube channel that features opinions and commentary on global news.

Youtube Channel

Timothy DeLaGhetto & Chia Habte

timothy delaghetto fiance chia

Tim Chantarangsu known professionally as Timothy DeLaGhetto and formerly Traphik, is  American rapper, comedian, actor, and internet personality. Aside from rapping, he produces and acts in comedy videos which are uploaded to his YouTube channel. He is currently a cast member on the improv comedy show Wild N Out.

Tim is currently engaged to Chia, which is from Saskatchewan, Canada. To be detailed, Chia is Eritrean and Salvadorian. She has a very active online presence and a blog called where she writes about beauty tips, lifestyle, and more, and has an active online presence.

Youtube Channel

Bobby Lee & Khalyla

Robert “Bobby” Lee Jr. is a Korean-American actor and comedian best known for being on Mad TV from 2001 to 2009 and for his roles in the comedic films Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Pineapple Express and The Dictator.

Bobby is currently married to Khalyla who is half white and half Filipino. The couple tied the knot on August 2016 at in New York. They revealed that they met for the first time on the dating app called Tinder where they started cracking jokes. He revealed his relationship on his Instagram.

Randall Pich & Sara Annrandall pich girlfriend

Randall Pich, from Long Beach, CA, is a Cambodian-American fitness guru and self-made entrepreneur that started a global clothing and apparel brand called LiveFit Apparel.

Randall is currently in a relationship with Sara Ann from Socal.

Instagram Page

Dumbo & Tessa Lizz

Dumbo (Matt Nguyen) is a professional dancer and one of the founders and members of Poreotics Dance Crew. Poreotics is an Asian American all-male dance crew from Westminster, California. The dance crew specializes in popping, choreography and robotics, hence the name Po-reo-tics.

Matt is now in a bass duo group with his wife Tessa called Arius Official. They play for major nightclubs and events around the world.

Steve Aoki & Tiernan Cowling

Steve Aoki is a Japanese-American electro house musician, record producer and DJ. In 2012, Aoki was listed as the highest grossing music artists in North America from tours.

Steve married his long time model girlfriend Tiernan Cowling in 2015. The couple have been engaged since 2010.

Instagram Page

Peter Adrian Sudarso & Bethany Struble

peter bethany

Peter Adrian Sudarso is an Indonesian-American actor from the Nickelodeon Production’s Sci-Fi and action TV series Power Rangers Ninja Steel, in which he played the co-lead role of Preston Tien the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger from 2017 to present.

Sudarso made his acting debut with the 2012 short film Captain Planet 4 playing the Special Agent. He became popular after making appearances in various episodes of JustKiddingFilms.

He is currently dating fellow YouTuber and blogger Bethany Struble.

Youtube Channel

Justin Chon & Sasha Egorova

Justin Chon is a Korean-American actor/filmmaker from Orange County, Ca. He is best known for portraying Eric Yorkie in The Twilight Saga film series from 2008–2012. In 2017, Chon wrote, directed, produced and starred in a film entitled Gook, which premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, and went on to win multiple awards and picked up by Samuel Goldwyn Distribution.

Chon married Sasha Egorova in 2014, who was a former past model.

Instagram Page

Peter Chao (David Tong) & Chelsea

Davin Tong, better known by his alias Peter Chao (born 1987), is a Canadian comedic vlogger and YouTube personality whose known for his unconventional portrayals of Asian stereotypes.

Chao is married to Chelsea who is from Moncton, New Brunswick but currently living in Vancouver.

Youtube Channel

Mike Shinoda & Anna Hillinger

Mike Shinoda is an American musician, songwriter, rapper, singer, record producer and graphic designer. He co-founded Linkin Park in 1996 and is the band’s rhythm guitarist, primary songwriter, keyboardist, producer, and lead vocalist. Shinoda married author Anna Hillinger in 2003. They have two children together.

Ranier Maningding and Livi

Ranier Maningding is Filipino and the author of “The Love Life Of An Asian Guy“. is one of Ranier has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Livi, biracial Black and White, since 2011.

Ranier is one of the leading Asian male advocates of AMBW relationships, but he also writes about AMXW (Asian men, non-Asian women) in general and about issues affecting all minorities.

Facebook Page

As the world becomes more diverse and interconnected every day, interracial couples are becoming more commonplace, and that’s a beautiful thing. Know of any other couples that should be on this list?

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