Rich Chigga Prank Calls Suicide Hotline

In this short film, Brian Imanuel aka Rich Chigga, calls a suicide hotline. The video opens up with shots of him drinking and depressed while he searches up the suicide hotline number on Google.

After explaining to the operator why he’s depressed, he later explains that it was all just a prank. Press play to see what happens.

Although this video is made purely for entertainment purposes, it sheds light on a serious yet sensitive topic that many people are afraid to discuss. Suicide incidents happen all around the world and is a subject that should be taken very seriously.

According to AFSP, “There’s no single cause for suicide. Suicide most often occurs when stressors exceed current coping abilities of someone suffering from a mental health condition. Depression is the most common condition associated with suicide, and it is often undiagnosed or untreated. Conditions like depression, anxiety and substance problems, especially when unaddressed, increase risk for suicide. Yet it’s important to note that most people who actively manage their mental health conditions lead fulfilling lives.”

If you or someone you know is showing signs of depression, visit some of the websites below to seek help. Let’s spread awareness on suicide prevention.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention Lifeline –
Suicide Awareness Voices of Education –


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