Check Out These Asian Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017

Halloween is arguably one of the best holidays of the year because you get to dress up and be anyone or anything you want. Plus, it’s a great excuse to have some fun and be creative while escaping reality for a day or two.

For those lacking costume ideas so close to October, don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of some cool creative and inspiring Asian costume ideas that we predict will be popular amongst the crowds this year.

Check them out below and feel free to submit your idea(s) or photos so we can publish a follow-up compilation of this year’s creative costumes of 2017!

The Costumes:

The Death Note

halloween death note

Ghost in the Shell

Rich Chigga

Rich Chigga Halloween Costume

Iron Fist & Luke Cage

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Halloween Costume 2017
Dragon Ball costume

Kim Jong Un

Asian Edibles

sushi soy sauce costume

asiansneverdieFortune Cookie Costume

sriracha costume

The Ring


Bruce Lee & Sho’Nuff The Shogun of Harlem

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

Clowns (Pennywise, Frowny, Twisty, Joker, Ronald)



The Walking Dead



pokemonpokemon cosplay costume






Angry Asian Mom

asiansneverdie, angryasianmom


Chun Li

chun li


Game of Thrones

Jon Snow


And if you’re too tired from work or have no plans, you can always stay home and pass out some Asian candy.

White Rabbit Candy
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