D-Pryde Featured in ‘Show & Prove’ in XXL Magazine



D-Pryde is one of the rapidly growing artists in the music industry. He has shown dedication and passion for the love of the game. Recently, D-Pryde had the chance to be featured again in XXL Magazine and posted humble messsage on Facebook. Here’s what he had to say:


Feburary 2nd, 2012
From being in a tiny section of “The Break”, to having my own article for the “Show & Prove” section in XXL Magazine. Progression will always be key. Thank you to everybody who has lifted me up to here, even the people who’ve never believed. I don’t live in forgiveness but I live in acceptance.
I’m here because of my talent of course, and I do care about myself. But at the end of the day my people, my fans, and my family brought me here and I’ll never lose way of that…This means more to me than you think. It’s not the end though.
I might not have much money to spend around but I have a pack of misunderstood kids I call fans, my family, my team, and my girl. S’all I need.
Thank you…I’m way too happy right now.

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