Growing up without a father can be very tough. Jackfroot has been staying up to date with two of the biggest Asian American rappers that have made a name for themselves in the music industry. These two artists that we follow share one major thing in common. They were both raised growing up without a dad or father figure around. You might know them by the name of J.Reyez and Thai.

You would think that growing up without a father would stop these passionate artists from doing what they love, but that didn’t stop them. Instead, they used the absence of their fathers to fuel their fires.

Both Thai and J.Reyez released a song of their own online that are both about their fathers. These songs are deep from the heart and speak nothing but the truth about how they feel. Check out the songs with meaningful lyrics below:

Thai – Hope You’re Listening


I’m sorry that I hurt u
And that my words offended you
I’m only doin what I know, I never meant to

I’ve been thru a lot beat down and abused
By the person I loved and looked up to

My mom couldn’t stop it
Even if she tried
He laid hands on her that’s when I wished he died

People say I’m heartless and they wonder why
I tell em cuzz of all the pain thruout my life

Pops in and out of jail
Moms workin late night
So no one was ever there

No birthdays no holidays
Was only 6 when first tried to run away

Wit no where to go
Runnin down the road
Lost kid with a backpack full of clothes

Thinkin that I knew but i didn’t know
Was just a child lookin for a happy home

Hello world
Hope you’re listening
Forgive me if I’m young
For speaking out of turn
There’s someone I’ve been missing
I think that they could be
The better half of me

How can I be normal
Never had no guidance
All I seen was the drug money and violence

I remember back in middle school
Class I never tenned to hated by the principle

All I needed was a lil help
They don’t mind helpin everybody else but rather have me expelled

I always kept to myself
Lived my life in the streets cuzz that’s where the loves at

And I can’t change me
But I sure can change everything that’s around me

What u see is what u get
Live with my mistakes
And never have regrets

Will you ever understand
Will u ever comprehend
Everything I seen and been

Lookin at the moon
Watchin the world turn
Just a young man still with a lot to learn

Hello world
Hope you’re listening
Forgive me if I’m young
For speaking out of turn
There’s someone I’ve been missing
I think that they could be
The better half of me

J.Reyez – Smile Through It All


(verse 1)
Although it’s tough, when growing up I was a pretty normal kid
I’m old enough to realize that my family had more to give
We couldn’t afford a lot but I kept on ignoring it
And would I make it? my basement is where I’m recording in
I’m depending on a dream and if I’d ever score it big
They believe on what it seems but I ain’t even close to it
I’m focusing on what I do, not caring if they notice it
I’m composing my life story, all the highs and lows in it
My family was doing good, I’m riding bikes around the block
But coming home to mom and dad and the fighting never stopped
And it already begun, my father was getting drunk
Breaking things around the house, telling my mom to pick it up
I would be laying on my bed, hearing the yelling through the walls
It was small in the beginning now I couldn’t take it at all
And I’m preparing to fall and why is this happening?
Drastically, actually this life was after me

I just wanna live a life with no stress
Success is just a mile away, I look for better days
Even if they hate you, just gotta smile through it all
Just be grateful, you just gotta smile through it all
I’m doing well so thanks for your help
I do it for myself for nobody else
And I owe to myself, I just gotta smile through it all
Just smile through it all, just smile through it all

(verse 2)
It was clear, It’s been a couple of years since it has been this way
I look away but it was the same thing, different day
Little things got me in trouble and I would get it bad
And I hated you and I ain’t sorry, just forget it dad
And it’s sad having a kid who doesn’t like you
Dad I would never wanna be just like you
You’d beat me with whatever that you can find
And with mom, the people knew, it’s nothing that you could hide
I was only 13 and I would come home a little late
Try to hurt me now, I grew up and I was in your face
Looking in your eyes, I decided to take a stand
Damn you were surprised, that’s when I became a man
You told me to try to hit you and I punched you in your mouth
And I was out, packed my things and I was running out the house
On my own, I thank mom for being my backbone
I was gone for a month, you wanted me back home but I’m gone

Just smile through it all
Even if they hate you
Look, ain’t nobody can replace you
Just smile through it all
Yeah they can be fake too
You got your life, just be grateful
Just smile through it all
Even if they hate you
What they say can’t break you
Just smile through it all
Just be grateful
Just smile through it all
Just smile through it all

(verse 3)
You and mom gotta divorce, I was happy hearing the news
I didn’t know a lot before, now I’m fearing the truth
The last day before you went, you came and cried to me
And I didn’t pay no mind when you said goodbye to me
The whole family left you, I wanted to forget you
Now I feel a guilt in my stomach and I’m regretful
I stopped following rules, I dropped right outta school
Hanging with the wrong crowd, I thought that I was cool
And when I was 17, I just gave up, I couldn’t do it
Life was f*cked up and my music would help me through it
Truth is, I miss the family we once had
When we supported eachother, something I want back
And it’s been 5 years since you were once here
I wanted to make it clear, your voice I wanna hear
I would look at your number and pick the phone up
I wanted to let you know, your son has grown up

(verse 4)
It’s kinda f*cked up, having your whole family leave you
We all make mistakes, the same for all people
And I was always aware of my surroundings
Always getting grounded, didn’t care cuz I was childish
I went through the same, I feel the pain cuz you were labelled
You still played a role putting the food on the table
After you left, it was hard to be stable
And the man I am now, I admit that I don’t hate you dad
To be honest if you were here, I would take you back
And I hate the fact that I made mom pick a side
Forget the pride, sick inside, I ain’t proud of what I done
The fam was pretty good but I was stupid and I f*cked it up
This song I wrote is something for me to show
I’m a man now cuz you weren’t there to see me grow
Something you didn’t know and I’m letting out my story
Cuz I f*cked everything up and I regret it and I’m sorry dad



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