“The year 2007 will be remembered for many things for Arden Cho, but for this budding force in the world of modeling and acting, it will be remembered as the beginning.  Many beginnings are simple and humble.  Her beginning came in a simple step in the form of a 2000 mile trip from the Second City, her family’s home to Tinsel Town.  Yet, this beginning was no ordinary start; it was an auspicious embarkment of a journey marked with a solid body of work in tow.  This includes independent films, commercial shoots shown half-way across the world and a feature in the 2008 Spring Campaign for Alexander McQueen’s teen line McQ appearing in fashion magazines Vogue, Purple Fashion and Nylon.

Being born in Amarillo, Texas, and having spent most of her childhood years in Dallas and her late teenage years in Minnesota, her roots are the heartland of America.  An unlikely start geographically, but her roots are also proof that talent and passion for beauty is not limited, nor monopolized by the zip code one is from.  Her precocious brilliance in Cheerleading, Gymnastics and Cello were undeniable and would only serve as a harbinger of her success and achievements to come.

In the year 2004, Arden Cho was named Miss Korea Chicago (1st Place) and competed in the Miss Korea Pageant in Seoul, South Korea for the honor of representing South Korea in the Miss Universe Pageant.  Though she did not come away the winner, this experience of visiting orphanages and making public appearance for humanitarian causes served to helped solidify her belief in the value of connecting with others and the paramount importance of helping those less fortunate.  As a follow-up she visited Africa in the summer of 2007 before her move to Los Angeles on a two month Humanitarian trip to Kenya.

The beginning of Arden Cho’s career has been full of promise but we know that beginnings are just that and we who know her await for the fulfillment of that promise in the many years ahead with eager anticipation.” -JBP

Check out her the video of the cover she did called “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele:

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