iphone5 rumors

Earlier this year, there were rumors that Apple was supposed to launch the iPhone 5 back in October of 2011, but instead introduced a different model. After the loss of Steve Jobs, Apple launched the iphone 4S instead of the 5. While some functions and features were added to the iPhone 4s, there are now rumors circulating the air about the release of the iPhone 5.


Close sources of BRG.com states that a completely redesigned iPhone will be making a debut around Fall of 2012. BGR has often been accurate with Apple rumors, but is not always correct, so analysts are taking these rumors with a grain of salt, even if prototype photos leak, as the iPhone 4S launch defied rumor mills and did not match all of the photos leaked to tech bloggers.


The iPhone 5 is projected to have a completely redesigned exterior case and will be constructed from a rubber or plastic material that will look like the iPhone 3GS. Earlier reports said that the iPhone 5 will feature an aluminum case similar to the one found on the iPad 2, as well as a larger display of about 4 inches. Some say this new version might look like a shrunken version of the iPad 2.


Photos of Possible iPhone 5 Look:


iphone5 rumors


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