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The first time I ever met the two owners of Elusive was on stage of an event in San Jose and was standing right behind them. Before I introduced myself, I was found myself looking at their backs and recognized some talent in their designs, yet their primary logo was cut off in half just like this:

Elusive Logo

Immediately, I tapped one of them on the shoulders and said, “Hey, that’s a really sick tee, but I think you picked up a bad print because the logo is cut off in half.” The guy responded, “Yeah it’s suppose to be like that.” Then I said, “Damn, my bad.”
From there on, Elusive has been on my mind subconsciously. The design of the half-cut Elusive logo resonates with the meaning of “elusive” and brings a sense of mystery to the brand. According to, Elusive means, “eluding clear perception or complete mental grasp; hard to express or define.”


By applying a mystery to the brand rather than imitating all the outspoken brands in today’s streetwear game, Elusive holds a sense of depth and power in its subtlety. By combining the concept and design of the brand into one entity shows that Elusive is not joking around, nor are they diluted – they stay true to their concept, apply that truth to their design and live their life based on what they preach on their freshly designed tees and gear.


As of August 2011, their new release of fitted and snapbacks are hitting the local stores of the brand’s birth home in San Jose. Stores such as Headliners, Filthy Dripped, and KYR are now in stock. You can also look for Elusive at some of the online stores such as and


Check out some of Elusive’s photos:



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Written by Derick Lee
Jackfroot Editor

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