The hit series that airs every Sunday nights, The Walking Dead, is a popular favorite show among fans. If you haven’t seen the show yet, Asian American actor Steven Yeun plays the role of Glen, a nice guy that everyone can depend on. One thing about Glen is that you have to make sure you don’t tell him any secrets because he will definitely be sure to tell.

In the TV show, Glen hooks up with the daughter of the farm owner. What makes this show more exciting is the fact that the world is crawling with the dead. The farm owner shows lack of respect towards Glen by not referring to him by his first name, but rather by “The Asian Boy”.  but we guess Glen sure showed him by sleeping with his daughter.

Make sure to look up the show and tune in next season to AMC’s, The Walking Dead! In support of Glen, we’re hoping that they don’t kill him off the show in the 3rd season. In other words, “Go Glen Go”!



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