Jackfroot.com loves JRA. Talented singer, with passion and an interesting style. Definitely a musician on the rise, or at least should be on the rise! Support JRA because Jackfroot.com definitely does! Enjoy this ladies and gentlemen.



shoulda coulda woulda
that’s the theme of this story
cause I could swear in another time you were made for me
in a short amount of time
laughs & smiles were exchanged
after this certain situation
never felt quite the same
cause we know we just can’t be
Maybe an alternate reality
where it’s just you and me
I’m talking where you and I
make each other complete
See baby I know
You got your life & I got mine
It’s just the timing ain’t right
and so the story goes
of a love that could’ve last
but we never could try
Maybe we’ll find a place & time
where everything’s as it should be
Where all of our hopes & dreams don’t exist
because it’s reality
but for now
I’ll leave it in my mind
and I’ll be living thru these thoughts



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