Akira Yoshizawa, known as the grandfather of modern origami, would have turned 101 today. (He passed away in 2005, at the age of 94) Google honored the origami artist with a one-of-a-kind Google doodle on its homepage today.





According to the New York Times, he “pioneered a system of origami notation that allows readers of any language to follow a set of printed instructions. Using dotted lines to indicate the folds and arrows to indicate the directions of the folds, the system is widely used today.” Simply put, he made it easier for the general population to learn this beautiful and elegant craft.




As a tribute to his legacy, here’s a fun tutorial on how to make origami Durian. If you’re clever enough, you could probably adjust the design to make origami Jackfruit, which is, of course, our fruit of choice.





0313-google-akira-orig_full_380 (1)


Photo Credits: FriedChillies.com


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