AJ Rafael started his singing career in the summer of 2004, when he wrote his first song, “How’s San Diego Pauli”. It wasn’t until the beginning of the year 2005 when he performed at his first show and gained the respect of local bands in Moreno Valley. He began to play in local cities, including San Diego, in which he gained much respect for in the music scene. He produced and recorded his own album in his garage and released it in December of that year. Before the release, he used the popular networking website MySpace.com as a tool to showcase his new songs to his friends and fans. By the time of the release, half of the songs were already known by many.

During the years of 2006 & 2007, AJ played at many more events, including Peace, Love, & GK at Cal State San Bernardino, and acoustic events at Otay Ranch High School. 2006 was also the year of the beginning of the MoVal Concert Chorale (MVCC), a choir which he founded and is currently directing. AJ put together a choir concert which raised $8,000+ for his church, St. Patrick’s, and it featured the new MVCC. MVCC is still active with the movement created by AJ; Music Speaks. Music Speaks benefits families with Autism and supports the world renowned organization Autism Speaks.

In 2008 & 2009, AJ began to play in places out of Southern California. From New York, to Florida, to Virginia, & even internationally in Canada and the Philippines. AJ gained partnership with YouTube, hit over 100,000 subscribers, and became even more recognized for his original music. The “Juicebox EP” was recorded with talented musicians he met at Berklee College of Music, and “the band” brought a new sound to AJ’s existing material.

Up to this day, AJ still connects with his fans via Twitter and other social networking sites– while raising money for charities including organizations such as the Mahal Foundation for poverty in the Philippines, and Autism Speaks.

With over 175,000 subscribers & 40 million views on YouTube, 52,000+ Facebook fans, & 11 million plays on MySpace, AJ hopes that 2010 will bring him closer to being known all over the music industry for his talents and blessings.

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