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While we were on Twitter today, we saw a tweet from our friend D-Pryde stating that he got dissed by the one and only Jin! Wait a minute…! Jin the MC?! Quickly this caught our attention and we went to watch it immediately. Jin states in his video that these lyrics were written in about 8 minutes. This could be the next controversial video that will go viral all over the web.

We all know Jin has a big sense of humor and loves to joke around. This video wasn’t put out to directly attack and diss all of the artists and stars out there, but merely to acknowledge and say that everyone he discussed is out there grinding and deserve more shine. In simple terms, ‘Don’t hate. Appreciate’.

As the world wide web is changing everyday, more and more stars are doing their thing and rising through the power of YouTube. As we all rise, Jackfroot truly believes we can break all stereotypes and definitely change the way America portrays Asians in mainstream media.

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“I got dissed for no reason when I signed to a major. So call this courtesy, I’m just returning a favor.”

– Jin

Recent Photos of Jin:

jin acknowledge me

Don’t forget to stay updated with Jin on his sites:

Jin acknowledge me

The YouTube stars Jin addresses are:

  • Joseph Vincent
  • Andrew Garcia
  • Sanjaya
  • JR Aquino
  • AJ Rafael
  • David Choi
  • Victor Kim
  • Dave Days
  • Kina Grannis
  • Erika David
  • Megan Nicole
  • Megan and Liz
  • JS Lee
  • J.Reyez
  • D-Pryde
  • Dumbfoundead
  • Lil Crazed
  • Traphik
  • Timothy DeLaGhetto
  • Peter Chao
  • KevJumba
  • Michelle Phan
  • Ray William Johnson

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