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Why the Name Jackfroot?

Throughout the world, there are dozens of fruits that are commonly recognized and consumed more than others. Some of the more popular fruits are apples, oranges, strawberries and bananas.

The jackfruit is a fruit which is native to parts of Southern and Southeast Asia. Large and prickly, it is a rare fruit that’s not regularly eaten or tasted by society. We wanted to use a fruit that symbolized and represented the fact that Asian Americans are rarely exposed in mainstream entertainment and media here in the United States.

All Asian Americans are deeply rooted with their background and culture that date back to their original countries. We added a twist to the name by combining the words ‘Jackfruit‘ and ‘Root‘. And that’s the story of how the name Jackfroot was born.


Our Mission

Here in America, Asian Americans lack the right exposure, representation, and opportunity. Our mission is to unite and fuse together the talents of Asian backgrounds, cultures, and roots as one unified voice.

Jackfroot is a new media & entertainment company with a website that aims to showcase the skills and talents of Asian American lifestyle, entertainment, and beyond. We aim to build a growing online community for users worldwide to be able to access our database of content. Our focus is connect worldwide news, comedy, interviews, music, movies and more.

Welcome to your home and future of Asian American entertainment! Feel free to help spread the word about our website to all your friends. Thank you for your love and support!


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