A Look Into Far East Movement’s Fashion Wardrobe

Far East Movement is known for setting the bar high with their smashing hit songs that are playing all around the globe. From “Girls On The Dance Floor” to “Like A G6,” they surely know how to quickly turn that party mood on. And when you’re in that party mood, you definitely have to be in the proper gear. Lets take a closer look at the group’s fashion sense and what they’re currently sporting.

The Shades

The first thing that you’ll notice them all wear are unique shades. In an interview from Phillipine News, James Roh aka Prohgress, stated that the group sometimes parties until 4 or 5 in the morning. Often times they would go numerous days without any sleep. This rock star lifestyle can create bags under their eyes, so the stylish sunglasses act as a 2-for-1 fashion deal.

The Skinny Ties

Next up are the skinny ties. The skinny ties play an important role because the crew is always on the move. From partying until 5 am to an interview at 8 am, the guys always have to retain that sharp and professional look.

far east movement

The Outerwear

When it comes to standing out, each member wears a unique jacket or vest, which gives them an attitude and damn swag like no other. The outerwear gives the group an edge and helps them stand out from the crowd. These jackets truly make a fashion statement.

far east movement fashion

The Kicks

To finalize their wardrobe, the artists need the right shoes to give them that finishing touch. The members usually all sport high top kicks that have major appeal and can catch your attention from across the room. Sometimes they’re known to sport brands like Supra or Creative Recreation. You can find them sporting the latest Android Homme shoes in their Rocketeer music video or at the MTV VMA’s.

There you have it! From top to bottom, Far East Movement is a talented group of artists that knows good music and has a fine taste for fashion at the same time. Thanks for tuning in. Jackfroot over and out!

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