5 Must have iPhone and iPad Games

Gaming on the iPhone or any other apple product has taken an exponential transformation since first introduced back in 2006. Contrary to the typical Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja etc, I will present to you 5 games not very well known to the mainstream iOS device owner. With a smorgasbord of choices whether you enjoy the occasional game you play for 5 minutes to burn some time while waiting for your doctors appointment or the in depth story-lines with high levels of replay value, trust that your going to want to download all 5 of these games for your iOS device.

Games are not ranked in any particular order.

1. GrimJoggers by 10tons Ltd

GrimJoggers is an innovative interpretation on the classic side scrolling platformer. You control 15 joggers and escort them through different areas full of various fatal obstacles and gaps as the joggers speed increases as you cover more and more ground.

What makes GrimJoggers so special is that you are controlling all 15 joggers at once. You must account for how your jumps affect each individual jogger based on where he is in the line. The game doesn’t end until all your joggers have perished. The controls are extremely simple, tap to jump and double-tap to double jump. This is a must have but just a warning its highly addictive especially when you have someone who constantly tries to outscore you.

Get this game now in the App Store for $1.99.

Gameplay Video:

2. Zenonia 4 by GAMEVIL

KRPGs (Korean Role Playing Games) have become extremely popular in the iOS world, coining their own genre. Korean based developer GAMEVIL brings the 4th installment of their critically acclaimed series Zenonia.

If you’ve never played any of the Zenonia series, no worries as deprivation creates no sense of loss to the story or the gameplay of this installment. The story begins with the protagonist Regret and as you clear the beginning scenes you can choose from 1 of 4 classes. (Slayer, Ranger, Blader, Druid) The cave-crawling battle system is very similar to that of the old school Legend of Zelda games. There are thousands of items/equipment to collect, hundreds of enemies and bosses, and a great deal of quests. The crispy retina graphics are beautiful as well.

Zenonia 4 also offers online play whether it be PvP (Player vs. Player) duels or teaming up with a friend to fight monsters. You will literally get HOURS and HOURS of gameplay with this one. Don’t get too addicted though and forget you have real stuff to do. The best part is that this game is FREE

Get this game now in the App Store for $0.00.

Gameplay Video:

3. Hanging with Friends by Zynga

From the minds that brought you games such as Words with Friends and Farmville comes a social interpretation of the classic game Hangman. You can challenge any of your friends on Facebook right from you iOS device. You take turns creating words out of a randomize pool that you receive in hopes that your peer will fail to guess it.

The best part of this game is you can take your time when you play it. Much like Words with Friends you can respond to a friends move’s a couple hours later. This allows you to play multiple games simultaneously.

Get this game now in the App Store for $0.00 or the Ad-Free version for $1.99.

Gameplay Video:

4. Ninjatown: Trees of Doom by Venan Entertainment, Inc

Ninjatown: Trees of Doom is the extremely addicting, beautiful, and creative birth child of Shawnimals, and Venan Entertainment, Inc. Climb, jump, and bounce your way up two parallel trees as you avoid monsters and other hazardous obstacles while collecting powerups.

The controls are where this game really shines on the iOS devices. Venan Entertainment, Inc puts a very fresh way of navigating your wee-ninja up the tree of doom with holding the screen to climb, tapping opposite sides to transition, and pulling and flinging your finger to propel yourself from hung tree branches. This is an absolute must have.

Get this game now in the App Store for $0.99.

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5. Battleheart by Mika Mobile, Inc

What a well thought out and developed game Battleheart is truly. The controls, the graphics, the battle system, everything is no where near mediocre. In this game you control 4 units of different classes and individually direct them to combat monsters appearing at sides of the screen.

Each class has different abilities that support other classes so pick your team wisely. The placement of each unit is very key to success of your battles.Battleheart contains a plethora of equipment, monsters, and quests. You will get a great deal of replay value out of this one. Trust.

Get this game now in the App Store for $2.99

Gameplay Video:

That’s all for this time folks. Get these games trust me you’ll enjoy them. Worth every penny. This is EQ signing off.

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