d-pryde dpryde

d-pryde dpryde


One artist that has definitely been on the grind and deserves much respect and all of his success in 2011 has got to be a Hip Hop artist that goes by the name of D-Pryde. The production in his music videos and quality of his songs surely sets the bar high for other artists to reach. To top things off, D-Pryde has gone on tour overseas and has even done shows with J. Cole. The mixtapes D-Pryde has delivered to the world are all on-point and filled with nothing but hits.


For all of the D-Pryde fans and new supporters, Jackfroot.com brings you 5 fun and interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about your favorite artist. Check them out!


5 Fun Facts About D-Pryde:


FACT 5: My hair was blue once
FACT 4: I was named after the lead singer of Air Supply
FACT 3: I’m scared of revolving doors
FACT 2: I don’t like dogs because I was bitten by a German Sheppard when I was 10
FACT 1: My two front teeth are fake


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  1. i knew none of them apart from the teeth one, he got jumped at mcdonalds with his girlfriend because the assholes wanted d pryde’s phone or something and then he stood up for himself and the assholes beat him up and lost his front teeth, i think thats whats happend listen to fireworks by him, that explains alot about it

  2. He lost his front teeth because he got jumped and some guys tried to take his phone. He had to defend himself. Listen to the lyrics of his song “Fireworks”. Verse 2 lyrics

    i’m sorry for the night, i know you shouldn’t been through it
    & my dad should’ve picked us up before this whole predictement
    instead i choose to try to spend the night at your house
    so when we were at Mickey D’s
    i had to slip my phone out
    that was a mistake
    this anger intakes
    im havin nightmares by that night til this day
    but its true baby
    how can you not be stressed
    he tried to rob my phone
    & hurt you in the process
    then i defended you
    then kicked me & punched me
    i lost my pride lost the battle & my front teeth
    all for a phone that they wanted its incredible
    you saved me life girl i feel like im in debt to you
    & thats something ordinary girls will never do
    & now the rumors will be spreadin but what can you prove ?
    i wont deny it when the fans start to find the word
    cause once they jumped me i just felt it, FIREWORKS ! 

  3. I figured the two front teeth were fake cause i think it was in his song “Fly Away” He said they (They being the bullies) beat him senseless and knocked his two front teeth out or something like that, i was bullied, but i fight back and dont let idiots break me down. I’m strong and won’t let anyone tell me other wise(:


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