5 Helpful Tips To Become A Successful Artist

Here at Jackfroot, we love seeing Asian Americans rise to the top in entertainment. We’re here to support them 100%. To help some of you out there that want to succeed, we wrote 5 quick tips that you should keep in mind. These are some of the basic foundation rules you should follow if you’re an artist and want to reach your goals in the music industry.

1. Have a passion for what you do and believe in yourself.

We believe that successful people have a passion for what they do and believe in themselves. If you don’t love what you’re doing, then consider a career change. Far East Movement did it for the love of the game, and look where they’re at now. Never do something for the money. Do something because you have a passion for it. Follow your passion. And the money, fame and success will follow you.

2. Market yourself and advertise as much as you can

With the modern day and age of technology, everyone is utilizing the power of social networking. What are you doing to put put yourself out there? For starters, make sure you build yourself an identity on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Update these sites as much as possible to keep your fans and followers up to date on what you’re up to. Next, make sure you write a detailed biography of who you are and what you do. Getting the word out there is key. Don’t forget to make take nice photos! Oh, and make graphics, fliers, and videos too!

3. Network and cross promote

Are you shaking hands with the right people in the music business? Go out there to the right events and network. Meet new people and exchange phone numbers with other important people with the same interest. Cross promote and do collaborations with other artists! This way, some of the other artist’s fans may become your fan too.

4. Lose the fear

Don’t be afraid of what people think or say. If you’re afraid or scared in this industry, then you will never succeed. Prove every single person that doubts you wrong. Strive to continually improve your lyrics, singing, rapping, and image. Everyday is changing and a new learning experience. Make sure you’re adapting with the change or you’ll be left behind.

5. Dare to be different and unique

Some of the most successful artists out there dared to be different. Expand yourself and create your own identity. Mike Posner created his own unique sound to all of his songs. Lady Gaga created some of the most craziest music videos and wears out of this world outfits. Kanye West continues to experiment to new music, especially in his latest album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” It’s simple. Just stand out!

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