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454 Life Entertainment presents the official music video for “Like I Never Left” by Thai, Drew Deezy, & Traxamillion featuring Band-Aide of Dem Hoodstarz! Directed by GINOROCKS. Shot by Vinny Minton.

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Been in the game for a minute
Commited to to the streets
Get it together and do it all independent

454 u know what these muthafuccaz call it
Asians as real as it gets and everyone of em solid

Vietnam on mine cuzz it all about respect
They think they do it big till we come and put em in check

Locced and loaded
Ready to take the game over
Holdin it down
Wit all my muthafuccin souljahz

Been on the grind
And they hate it cuzz we be shinnin
But I just think they blinded
Glissinin from my diamonds

Where all my doggs
We gone tear down the roof
They cagin in an animal
But now we breakin loose!

Rite bak home like a nigga never like left
Haters always talk, really watseing they breath
Couldn’t say it to my face so I could careless
Jelousos ma fuccas cuz d boy fresh
Always in the game never on the sidelines
Run up on nigga if he talkin bout mine
Respect in the hood and streets know why
I aint piggy bank I dnt cracc and drop dimes
There’s 100 on chest wit 6 on my waist
My bullets stay hugry and I bet they eat your face
U heard it frm snoop dnt let murder be the case
Your boy is a star I belong in outter space


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