3 MILLION Subscribers! Congratulations to Wong Fu Productions!

For those of you who don’t know of Wong Fu Productions, they are a team of talented video producers who like to share stories through video. Their journey all started with lip sync videos in college.

Soon after, they created their Youtube channel in April 2007 and shifted gears into making heartfelt and emotional short films, many of them having to do with relationships and dating. The stories are very relatable and will make you feel some feels that you didn’t know you could feel (tongue-twister, I know)

Their storytelling is visually appealing and artistic to say the least. A fan favorite and the one that put them on the proverbial map is Strangers, Again. WARNING! Have some tissue nearby if you are going to watch it. And in another one of their shorts, When Five Fell, who knew that you could fall in love with a mug?

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

They also create some hilarious skits, again, many of them having to do with relationships and dating. These skits add a lighthearted twist to awkward and cringeworthy situations that we will all experience at one point in our lives.

One of our favorites is, Are We On A Date?. This one is about that awkward situation where you are out with a “friend” or coworker, and like the title says, not sure if it is a date or not. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Not only is Wong Fu on Youtube, but they have a movie on Netflix called ‘Everything Before Us’ as well as a Youtube Red Original Series called ‘Single By 30′ (I wonder what that one is about?). They have done and continue to pursue some very ambitious high-quality projects.

It took Wong Fu almost 11 YEARS to hit 3 million subscribers!

That’s a great accomplishment, but these days some YouTubers are getting 3 million subscribers in a year! Why did it take Wong Fu so long? Well, that’s a blog post for another day. Right now, we just want to congratulate Wong Fu for hitting another mile-boulder (that’s what Wong Fu calls it). Because boulders are bigger stones… Get it?

So please continue to support Wong Fu by enjoying the amazing work they put out, share their videos, and if you haven’t already, buy their awkward merchandise and subscribe to their Youtube Channel.

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