I’m a female and I will say this with conviction: “Never trust a women who has on too much make-up, she is hiding something under all that cake”. Personally, I have given this advice to my male friends more than once, because I often hear the outcry from their “before and after reality check – as I like to call it.


The standardized image for “beautiful and sexy” is plastered all over the media, Hollywood, runways, and glossy magazines. Being a female in today’s modern age has more pressure and demands in the image department more than ever before, especially since we are more likely than men to have negative images about our own physical appearance. For men, looking good is primarily focused on good hygiene and looking fit. Whereas for females, we not only worry about hair – but also our faces on top of all of that!


How to make an “unfavorable” face … beautiful??? Behold –  the power of make up! It’s the secret behind how a  40 year-old Japanese mom looks 18 ! Females who wear makeup can spend anywhere from minutes to hours on “getting ready”. The good majority of that time is primarily spent on the face.


Video makeup tutorials have taken over picture tutorials overall thanks to YouTube with millions of views for just a particular look! Two ladies by the last name of Phan (entirely non related) are making a name for themselves in the world of beauty. Take Vietnamese-American makeup guru and YouTube internet sensation Michelle Phan and her “Lady GaGa Poker Face makeup video tutorial” that has to date over 30 million views! Check it out:


[youtube id=”YFMaLuI1uxc” width=”619″ height=”315″]

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Visit her official website here: http://www.michellephan.com/


With these video tutorials becoming ever so more popular, welcome the internet’s newest beauty guru,  22-year-old Nepalese American makeup artist Promise Phan!


Her amazing celebrity transformormation videos got her on the front cover of Yahoo’s headlining news threads last week. Check out her most popular Angelina Jolie make-up transformation video that has got over 14 million views:



[youtube id=”gsqahGYl21w” width=”619″ height=”315″]

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I commend these two ladies for their bold and brave statement of the superficial reality behind physical appearance. The world is staring to take notice of this more. It’s individuals like Reddit user Munner 83 -who posted herself with a half make-up free face that confirms that we should never underestimate the power of make up and appreciate a women by looking beyond just her looks – especially beyond her possible make-up heavy face.  It’s an understatement to assume our favorite American female celebrities always look so damn good. Think again. It takes MAJOR time and effort people.


Beauty is only skin deep.


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    They are in-laws. Promise is married to Michelle brother Steve. Love them both