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They say it’s not polite to ask a woman her age, no matter how young she may look. Regardless of what your intent may be, an older woman will rarely share her real age. In light of that, a 43-year-old Japanese housewife and mother of two (the oldest being 20) has disregarded this notion to her own advantage.

Meet Masako Mizutani, an internationally recognized Japanese fashion magazine model who looks like she’s 18! She’s become an idol to middle aged women all over the world. No, she never had plastic surgery. She became an instant celebrity in 2009 after a Japanese television program introduced her by showcasing her cutthroat beauty secrets.

In actuality, women across the world do not just naturally wake up looking like a stunning Aphrodite Goddess without putting in some minutes (if not hours) in front of the mirror. Unless you’re spending roughly 5 hours or so a day on skin care and make up in your 40’s – you might just be lucky enough to look like this:


Japanese housewife MasakoMizutani beauty07


Japanese housewife MasakoMizutani beauty09


The truth of a women’s age such as Mrs. Mizutani can never be hidden once discovered. Looks can be deceiving, and Mrs. Mizutani epitomizes this phrase. Looking younger is only temporary with make up, but the foundation of staying fit and healthy through sincere effort and time will help do the trick to staying alive and well.

Masako Mizutani’s tips:

  • Eat healthy and fresh foods.
  • A balanced 4 meals a day in small portions.
  • Drink lots of water to clean out toxins.
  • Apply lighter makeup as you get older.
  • Use Vitamin E based creams to keep your skin soft and supple.
  • Always use sunscreen before going into the sun.
  • Follow a cleaning, toning and moisturizing regime every night before you sleep.
  • Exercise regularly, get enough sleep and don’t smoke.


  • AnnelliDAREAL

    WOW!!! Such an inspiration. 

  • Noel

    I am just 21 & look much older than her : (
    Btw i am asian too .

  • JohnnyR

    It also helps to wear 10lbs of makeup…Seriously how gullible are you bastards?

    • Sherlock

      Get real, she just knows how to take good care of herself. She is stunning.

      • Butmunch

        She is also asian, this is not racist but asian women age much slower. It is a gene, it is also the reason the Japanese hold records for age, and for the most people over 100, there are genes for these things.

        • The Brown One

          so true!

    • james

      U loser ur just jelous because you prolly are half her age and look older haha u loser

  • guest

    These pictures are so out of focus… Poor quality images take years off anyone’s face.

    • james

      Ur out of focus u loser I’m going tobage even better than her ur just jelous u old bag

  • Tdub

    I think she looks great….makeup or no makeup….she takes good care of herself !

  • The Brown One

    Asian and people of color
    age very well!

  • Olivia

    Uh…she doesn’t look like 18…In my Asian eyes, she looks more like in her 30s.

    • paladin7378

      Asian eyes? lol

      well i do admit that she doesnt look 18, but she still look pretty hot for a 40 years old.

    • james dean

      She looks like 16 what u mean 30 something people are so stupid just cause u know how old she is ur saying that