Sources over at BBC sports has recent released an article stating “Manny Pacquiao has accepted Floyd Mayweather’s challenge for a showdown in May, but barriers remain in the way of a possible super-fight.”

On Wednesday, Mayweather called out to Pac-mac via Twitter and Facebook, calling him a “Punk”, and demanding Pacquiao to, “give the world what they want to see” on May 5th. Stating his 90 Day Jail sentence has been pushed back to start June 1st.

To his response, Pacquiao said he wanted to fight, but would favor a late day in May suggesting Mayweather could not guantee his side of the purse.

“This is the fight the world wants,” said Pacquiao.

[But] Mayweather wants a guaranteed purse so what he has to do is get a promoter who can give him the guarantee.

“I don’t have problems getting a guarantee because I have a promoter who will give me my guaranteed purse.”

“If he gets a guarantee, then we are going to share the revenue on a 50-50 basis.”

Further Added by Bob Arum, Paquiao’s promoter, “There is no problem on our part – the problem is on Mayweather’s.”

“Mayweather needs somebody on his side that’s going to guarantee his purse. Mayweather has nobody on his side and GBP (Oscar de la Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions) is not going to guarantee his purse.”

Micheal Koncz, Arum and Pacquiao’s financial advisor wants a bout in late May to coincide with the completion of a 45,000-seater arena in Las Vegas as oppose to The MGM Grand, where Mayweather is booked to fight on 5 May, which has a capacity of only 17,000. Koncz adds an additional $30m could be raised if the bout took place in the new venue.

“Why would I tell Manny to fight on 5 May and throw away a percentage of $30m? That’s crazy,” said Koncz.

Arum insisted that if there was to be no fight in late May, a rematch against Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez or Puerto Rican southpaw Miguel Cotto, as well as Americans Tim Bradley and Lamont Peterson would be potential alternatives for a June 9th Clash.