Jordan Brand recently released the highly anticipated Air Jordan 7’s “Year of the Rabbit” edition to the public. The red and gold resembles the colors you would normally see on a lucky red envelope that’s given out during the Lunar New Year. Some fans consider this colorway to be the “best” color cominbation for the Air Jordan 7’s.

It’s nice to see the Asian influence on such a popular shoe brand. Just goes to show how Asians affect the way companies design and market their products. As expected, the supply is limited and the demand is high. Make sure to grab a pair on eBay or any of your favorite online shoe store before they sell out. Check out some more pics of the shoes below.


  1. I wouldn’t say its asian influence. I would call it marketing to one of the biggest demographics on earth – which translates in to more yen in the pockets of their shoe company


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