12 Milk Tea Boba Spots You Must Try in Socal

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In the past decade, popular drink and dessert shops that serve boba and milk tea have been popping up all over the world, especially in California. Some of these shops are growing in popularity due to their unique names, creative drink flavors and even the presentation of their drinks/bottles.

We decided to list the top 10 boba spots that you should try out in Southern California. Be sure to Google and look these locations up to grab a refreshing drink when you’re in town.

*Note – These are not ranked in any particular special order.

12 Milk Tea Boba Spots to Visit in Socal:


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10Tebo Tebo

9It’s Boba Time

8Bounce Boba Loft

7Urth Caffe

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6Tapioca Express

5Roasting Water


3Zero Degrees

2Milk Box Bar

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1Snow Monster

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