A VJ/Host, Model, and a member of the Philippine All Stars. She has competed with the crew since 2005 to 2007 and 2009, the only girl in the group that has ever competed along with the original members of All Stars. She last battled it out in Las Vegas and London in 2009. New breed of Philippine All Stars freshly won first place in the 2011 Dance2Dance in Zurich, Switzerland. This is not the first that Philippine All Stars made Filipinos proud to be Filipinos. Winning the same title as World Hip Hop Dance Championships in 2006 and 2008.


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Sheena Vera Cruz might be on top of her game but she solely remains grounded. Opening doors to people who share the same passion in dancing, the Philippine All Stars put up a dance school of their own. The All Stars Dance School is located in San Juan, Manila Philippines. With all the success and achievements, Sheena has been traveling all over the world, making appearances, teaching at workshops, judging at dance competitions and now exploring the grounds of the Big Apple.


J: So, what have you been up to these days?

“I just recently came from Manila, catching up with the whole Manila scene, but most of all, my family, friends and my crew. Its been awhile, but I finally got to jam with the All Stars again and most especially our new gen. Our new breed truly inspires me and I am so proud of how they have grown. Makes me want to work harder and keep myself on fire.”




We’ve asked this hot dame to share with us 10 Tracks that SPEAK OF her journey as a performing artist and as a person. Let’s all listen in. Per your convenience, we’ve attached a link to the song, except for the first artist Chelo Aestrid, but we’ve included another track by them. Enjoy!


1. BE [Chelo Aestrid]

This song was written by my best friend. It came to me as an epiphany. The song talks about embracing who you are and what you are blessed with and not comparing yourself with others. That you can BE whatever you dream to BE.. listen to it.. it’s the best written song to me by far.


2. WE ALL TRY [Frank Ocean]

I meet so many types of people with different backgrounds and extreme personalities, cultures and beliefs. I believe in what this song says that at the end of the day, regardless off all the differences, we are all the same in this world. We are all in a search for something to believe in to stay alive and truly feel life. That is having our own perspective of faith and respect for one another.


3. Superwoman [Alicia Keys]

This one is quite self- explanatory! Cause I would like to think of myself as one. ( giggles )


4. Cause I Love You [Lenny Williams]

This was introduced to me by my good friends, who understands soul music as “the best love song ever made in history.” If you just listen to the way Lenny Williams pour his heart out to his girl you’ll understand why! It’s love straight down from the gut! That’s pure soul right there!


5. New York [Alicia Keys]

Traveling all over the world and going to New York was always a big dream of mine ever since I was little and this song made me live through it until I finally– am doing it.


6. Man In The Mirror [Michael Jackson]

One of the most powerful and moving songs in history. I’m all about people who inspires others and helping make a better change. Everything MJ did for this world covered all the aspects of inspiring ones life beyond music.


7. One In a Million [Aaliyah]

This song represents so much of the 90s vibe. Im a straight up a 90s cat. Music videos, dance, clubbing, music and the hip hop lifestyle was at it’s purest and finest to me during this era. ‘Nuff said.


8. Electric Youth [Debbie Gibson]

Debbie Gibson was the Britney Spears of the 80s! This just reminds me so much of my childhood! This was one the songs and artist that wanted me to get into dancing and singing and just to have fun.


9. Moment For Life [Niki Minaj]

I was on this song for months when I was traveling and teaching workshops from Canada and the Arctic last year! I had a lot of great moments that happened when this song was on replay.


10. Zion [Lauryn Hill]

This song hits me in many aspects, but it just shows that sometimes the most risky and unexpected things in life are the best and most perfect thing that you can have. Like you are meant to be wherever you are in this life, don’t fight it, just embrace it. =)



Sheena is also currently training young performing artist and singers in Southeast Asia. She is the first and youngest Asian woman to travel to the Arctic to teach hip hop dance and hold workshops– that is definitely something to be proud of. After talking to her, it made me love life even more. Be more inspired. Be more embracive. Big ups to our girl Sheena. We XOXO you too.



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