10 Facts About Miss Kairi Drème

We recently met a model that goes by the name of Kairi Drème. Born and raised in Fresno, California, Kairi is a 23 year old local GoGo dancer and model featured at some of the premiere nightclubs in town. Kairi is currently working on major photo shoots with some of the best photographers all over California. You will definitely start seeing and hearing more about this up and coming dream girl.


10 Facts About Kairi Dreme


10. LOVES tattoos.
9. Very clumsy.
8. Has 6 piercings.
7. Loves Italian food.
6. Has 5 sisters 1 brother, & I’m the baby:).
5. Shops like no other.
4. Drinks at least 2 cups of coffee a day.
3. Currently not dating anyone.
2. A huge Hello Kitty fan.
1. Loves to go out and meet new people.




kairi dreme


kairi dreme

kairi dreme

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