dumbo poreotics

dumbo poreotics


Matt Nguyen aka Dumbo is one of the dance crew members of the famous Poreotics Dance Crew. Poreotics is an American all-male dance crew from Southern California, and specializes in popping, choreography and robotics, hence the name Po-reo-tics.


We recently got in touch with Dumbo again to catch up and do this exclusive feature where you can learn 10 new things about him. Check them out below!


10 Fun Facts About Dumbo

10. Founder of Poreotics
9. Born in Vietnam
8. Can wiggle his ears
7. Is an aries
6. Loves bananas
5. Loves girls with short hair
4. As a kid, a bike fell on his head and left a scar
3. Went to Paul Mitchell
2. Had his first kiss at age 13
1. He’s a dubstep and electro head music lover


Check Out Dumbo’s Video:


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