10amazingchoreographers jackfroot

10amazingchoreographers jackfroot

The following are ten absolutely amazing dancers and choreographers you can’t go through life without watching at least once or else you would be deprived. Check out the list of 10 of the most amazing choreographers who are simply doing what they love in life. Enjoy.

1. George Anzaldo

George is a choreographer based out of Daly City, CA. He currently dances with The Company and is affiliated with Movement Lifestyle. He was also part of Supreme Soul during the 3rd season of America’s Best Dance Crew.

2. Andrew Baterina

Andrew “Goodfoot” Baterina has been dancing since the age of 6. Andrew resides on Houston, Texas. His pieces helped to lead his former crew “SoReal” to the 2nd season championships of ABDC.

3. Brian Puspos

Brian Puspos was another choreographer that helped lead SoReal to the championships of ABDC. Brian is from Houston, Texas and choreographs for many teams/crews including the University of Houston’s Modern Dance Team.

4. Shaun Evaristo

Shaun Evaristo is from San Francisco, CA. He is on of the main choreographers for The Company and is affiliated with Movement Lifestyle. He is the genius behind some of the dance pieces for the Korean Popstar Sensation TaeYang.

5. Brian Subijano

Brian “Subi” Subijano is from our hometown of San Jose, CA. At the age of 14 he began dancing with SJSU’s AK Modern. Brian is now a part of The Company.

6. Ian Eastwood

Ian Eastwood is a young choreographer, currently 18, out of Chicago, Illinois.

7. Chachi Gonzales

Chachi Gonzales is another young and extremely talented choreographer & dancer. She danced with SoReal Cru at the young age of 13 and is now apart of iAmMe who won ABDC season 6.

8. Lyle Beniga

Lyle is an amazing choreographer who has directed pieces for the US film “Boogietown” and Korean stars JY Park and Taeyang.

9. Jawn Ha

Jawn Ha was born and raised in southern California. Jawn now dances and choreographs along side friend Brian Puspos.

10. Tony Tran & Mike Song

Tony Tran & Mike Song are two choreographers who help lead UC Irvine’s Kaba Modern to the championships of the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew.

Editorial by Eric Quach
Staff Writer.


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